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Do you have a child from the ages of one through four who's on the autistic spectrum?

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At Dolphin Babies Swim School we teach children not only to swim for fun, but we equip your child to handle situations where things don't go exactly as planned.

      During your child's lessons, he'll learn to swim with his face in the water until he feels the need for a breath.Then he rolls over to a face-up float where he rests and breathes.

      From there, he flips back to face-down to swim to your awaiting hands. Or to the pool's steps. Or, if no one's there--like in an accidental fall-in situation--he can simply float happily until someone notices he's fallen in and comes to get him.

     This is accomplished in generally six weeks of lessons. The student has a ten minute lesson four days a week until he passes two tests, where he demonstrates coming to the water's surface into an effortless float. After passing both tests, your child will come twice a month year 'round in order to maintain his skills.

     At Dolphin Babies Swim School, our lessons are especially effective for the non-English speaking and the hearing impaired student, since the teaching is done primarily through non-verbal means.

  • One-on-One Private Lessons in Our Heated Salt System Pool
  • Ages Crawling Through Four Years 
  • Day & Evening Hours
  • 20% Military and Law Enforcement Discounts​

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