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We apologize that you're not able to  print these forms directly from the website.

We have copies at the swim school that you're welcome to pick up when you visit.

Apprenticeship Application

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            Please write an essay explaining why you're applying. Include what education, skills, personal strengths, and experience(s) you have that will make you excel as an instructor, and

what your goals are for using your new skills (100-150 words). Email to




            Nationwide, drowning remains the number one cause of accidental death in children ages four and under. Gates, locks, and    alarms obviously aren't changing this statistic. A child needs to be equipped to handle himself calmly and effectively in an aquatic emergency, and we need more instructors who can teach infants and toddlers these lifesaving skills.

            Whether you're looking to change careers or just supplement your current position ...Whether you want to open a home based business using your own backyard pool or travel to your clients' homes...Teaching aquatic survival may be the right fit for you.

  A Note from Nancy Sullivan

  Director of Dolphin Babies Swim School

            After teaching in a public classroom for five years, I decided that that wasn't the career of my dreams. By contrast, I LOVE teaching aquatic survival. There are no discipline issues, you get quick results with the students, and--best of all--you have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to save the lives of your community's precious children.

            My students learn how to swim for fun, yes, but teaching the aquatic survival skills is what sets Dolphin Babies Swim School apart from most other swim programs.

What Is Aquatic Survival?

            When a person is horizontal on the water's surface, whether swimming or floating, it enables the water to hold up the person's weight.

            Any vertical orientation sabotages that relationship, whether it's caused by a flotation device, treading water, or lifting the head to grab a breath.

            Through aquatic survival training the child learns to swim with his face in the water until he needs a breath. Then he rolls over horizontally into a float. All the while, the water buoys the child at the water's surface where air is easily accessible.

            In an emergency fall in situation, the student's automatic response will be to turn into a horizontal, face-up position, hold his breath, and wait to rise to the water's surface. Maintaining the float doesn't require constant muscle work like dog paddling, which quickly exhausts the person and then puts him in danger of drowning.

How is Aquatic Survival Taught?

            The instructor uses primary and secondary reinforcers to mold the child's actions in the water, to take him from wherever he is currently to being able to successfully execute the necessary motor- and problem-solving skills. The teaching is effective because it utilizes proven behavior modification and operant conditioning techniques.

The Instructor Training (Apprenticeship) Program

            Training is Monday through Thursday for six weeks, in the water 5-6 hours daily 8:00-11:00 a.m. and 4:00-7:00 p.m. during the months of April and May (Spring session) or July and August (Summer session). Training is hands on during Dolphin Babies Swim School's operating hours with DBSS students.

            Additionally, you'll become certified with the American Swim Coaches Association, which involves reading their material and taking their online test.

            Become certified in Infant/Child/Adult CPR if you're not currently.

            The cost is $12,000, to be paid in full upon acceptance into the program.

            In addition to learning the aquatic survival teaching techniques, I will be mentoring you in starting your own small business, including but not limited to licensing, insurance, pricing, marketing, record keeping, building a following, and growing your client base. You'll read and we'll discuss several of my favorite books on business ownership including marketing, managing your finances, and building your tribe. 


The Application Process

1.  Call Nancy with your questions.  (702) 755-3575

2.  Complete and e-mail the application to Nancy will contact you to set up a phone interview if we've not spoken by   phone already.

3.  Phone interview

4.  In-person interview at the facility in Las Vegas. Just as a college doesn't accept every applicant, not everyone is a good candidate for teaching infant and toddler aquatic survival. An in-person interview is a must before both parties agree to move forward.

5.  If accepted, apprentice must arrange for and provide his/her own housing if staying overnights in Las Vegas. There are plenty of extended stay hotels in the area. You're welcome to travel home for the weekends.