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We apologize that you're not able to  print these forms directly from the website.

We have copies at the swim school that you're welcome to pick up when you visit.

Waiver/Release Of Liability

Dolphin Babies Swim School


I, ___________________________________________________, the parent/guardian of the participant, or the participant myself, agree and understand that swimming is a HAZARDOUS activity. I recognize that there are risks inherent in the sport of swimming, including but not limited to, paralyzing injuries and death.

The participant hereby agrees to participate in the lessons and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Dolphin Babies Swim School, its coaches, officers, directors, agents and employees against any liability resulting from any injury that may occur to the participant while participating in lessons. The participant also agrees to indemnify Dolphin Babies Swim School for any damages incurred arising from any claims, demand, action or cause of action by the participant.

The participant authorizes any representative of Dolphin Babies Swim School to have the participant treated in any medical emergency during their participation in lessons. Further, the participant and/or parent/guardian agrees to pay all costs associated with medical care and transportation for the participant.

I have noted on the registration form any medical/health problems of which the staff should be aware.

I have carefully read the above liability release and sign it with full knowledge of its contents and significance.

Signed ______________________________________________________________   Date _________________________________

No Flotation Devices Agreement

            By enrolling your child in Dolphin Babies Swim School you are agreeing to not use ANY type

of flotation device for your child from this point on. That means no water wings, floaties, or vests

with flotation items installed in them--Nothing that buoys your child in the water artificially. Nothing that keeps his head above water while swimming. The only exceptions are:  1) a boating regulation life vest that is worn while the child is in the boat, out of the water, and 2) while in a water park that requires participants to wear a life vest. Please refrain, though, from having your child wear a vest in such a water park during the initial 5-6 weeks of four-days-a-week DBSS lessons, as it will sabotage everything your child is working on during that time.

            The teaching technique we use at DBSS is based on psychological and behavioral conditioning, and though the Instructor makes it LOOK easy, what she's doing in the water with your child is a delicate and complex behavioral modification process that can be easily confused during the learning period.

            Everything we're doing in the water day after day is training your child that: "1) I must be horizontal in the water, and there I am safe,  2) I know what the water can and cannot do to me because I've been given plenty of opportunity to experience my body, unassisted, in the water, and 3) In a surprise situation I will not panic, because I know I can rely on myself, with no one and nothing else around to help me. My body has been turned into a floating machine!"

            Putting anything on your child that interrupts this learning process during these few short weeks of training undermines all the hard work that your child, the Instructor, and you, are doing here at DBSS.

I've read all of the above and have had the opportunity to ask the Instructor any and all questions that I may have. I agree that I will put no flotation devices
on my child from this point on, and will instruct my spouse, parents,
in-laws, additional family members, friends of the family, nanny, and so on...
that we're all abiding by this policy for the duration of my child's lessons.
            I understand that a breach of this agreement will be cause for
immediate termination of my child's lessons
with no refund of any monies paid.

Signed _________________________________________________________________  Dated ______________________________

Student's Name ______________________________________________________

            If you have water wings, a vest, or anything of the sort at home, PLEASE do not pass it along to a neighbor and jeopardize their child's safety in the water! If you can't stand to throw it out yourself, bring it to me and I will cheerfully discard it.

                                                                                                                                              Miss Nancy

Dolphin Babies Swim School

Student Registration

Student Name  ________________________________________________      M   F      Age ____________  DOB______________

Address  __________________________________________________________   City ____________________ Zip______________

Phones  (C)  ___________________________________________ (W) _________________________ (H) ______________________

E-Mail ________________________________________ How did you hear about DBSS?_______________________________

Mother's Name and Occupation _____________________________________________________________________________

Father's Name and Occupation  _____________________________________________________________________________

Pediatrician's Name and Phone ______________________________________________________________________________

            List any and all physicians, therapists, or other medical personnel this student has been

seen by and the purpose for the visit (excluding well check-ups) as well as any physical exceptionalities. Continue on an additional page if necessary. Please write None if there have been none. Note: Due to the nature of the teaching techniques used, any child who has a history of seizures might not be a candidate for the program. Please discuss this with the Director. Other issues will also be considered on a case by case basis.



List any prior swim instruction. ________________________________________________________________________________

List child's siblings and their ages. ____________________________________________________________________________

What do you want to see us accomplish with your child? ___________________________________________________


         I give permission for my child to participate in aquatic activity. My child is in good health and physical condition, and is not suffering from any condition that would prevent my child from engaging in this activity.

        Photographs and video may be taken in conjunction with lessons. I understand and agree that they may be used for informational and advertising purposes.

        I've read the Parent Guide and No Flotation Devices Agreement, have had the opportunity to ask the Instructor any and all questions that I/we may have, and understand that by signing this registration form I'm/we're agreeing to the terms described therein.

         There is a one time administration fee of $45 per family. If paying by check, please make it out to Dolphin Babies Swim School or Nancy Sullivan. Thank you!

       ________________________________________________________________________             _______________________________

       Signed                                                                                                                            Dated


           Welcome to Dolphin Babies Swim School! You and your family are embarking on an adventure that will change your lives!

            Not only will you have peace of mind knowing your child is safer in and around the water, but mastering the swimming and floating skills can catapult your child's confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem. In addition, students who've learned the proper body position while swimming, and rotating the head to get air rather than lifting the head, have proven to be faster, more efficient swimmers from that point on.

About the Director

            Dolphin Babies Swim School is owned and operated by Nancy Sullivan, a certified school teacher since 1983. Nancy is currently licensed by the Nevada Department of Education, and taught for five years for the Clark County School District as a guest teacher in addition to being a classroom teacher for five years outside of Nevada.

            Nancy's swim instructor credentials include certifications by the American Swimming Coaches Association, PediaSwim, and the American Red Cross Infant/Child/Adult CPR and First Aid.

Sensorimotor Learning 101

          At Dolphin Babies Swim School we teach aquatic survival using sensorimotor learning, which means that the child learns what works and doesn't work for him in the water primarily from experiencing his body in relation to the water and adjusting his body position and his breath accordingly. This is done at the sensorimotor level, not only as a cognitive process.

          For this reason, the instructor will fill you in on when and how it's appropriate to praise your child during the lesson. You'll also learn what to do--and NOT try and do--with your child in your own pool between lessons.

Registration, Fees, and Missed Lessons

            Swim-float-swim lessons are $80 per week. That $80 reserves your child's time in the swim schedule. At the time of registration, the first two weeks' payment is due, along with a one-time $55 administration fee per family. Active and reserve military and law enforcement families get a 20% discount ($64/wk, $44 registration).

             Beginning with the third week, payment is due each Monday for that week's lessons. If paying by cash or check, deposit it in the payments box on the pool deck. Please make checks out to either Dolphin Babies Swim School or Nancy Sullivan. Cash needs to be in a labeled envelope from home. Credit card payments are accepted (MasterCard and Visa), and the credit card number given at the time of registration will be kept on file. Your credit card will be charged weekly until your child's lessons end.

            Your weekly fees reserve your child's time in the swim schedule. Ten minute blocks of time are reserved for each student, but this does not mean the lesson will be exactly ten minutes in length each time. Lessons are individualized according to the needs of the child each and every day. If it's not in the best interest of the child to swim him for that length of time, the instructor will tailor the lesson accordingly.

            Consistency in lesson attendance is vitally important for your child's success. However, we do understand that life happens. Up to two missed lessons per calendar month can be made up based on availability IF the swim school is notified in advance of the student's absence. That courtesy phone call/voice mail message qualifies you for a courtesy make-up lesson. Do not text or e-mail me for this. Call me. A voucher will be given for each lesson owed to you. Use it like a coupon for a free maintenance lesson after your child has passed both of his clothes tests. One more time: If you are a No Show/No Call for a lesson you will be required to pay for the lesson. A simple phone call, even if it's a voice mail message left up until the time of your child's lesson, will prevent this from happening. 

            No monies will be reimbursed for missed lessons (It would be a good idea for your to put the swim school's number into your phone's memory). If a child misses because of a medical condition requiring a doctor's attention, the two-lessons-per-month limit will be waived. 


Before Your Child's Lesson

1. Please arrive5-7 minutes before your scheduled lesson.

2. Children who are not yet completely potty trained must wear a cloth swim diaper in the pool. No exceptions. This is a Health District regulation. The purpose of the swim diaper is to keep (in the event of a poopy accident) fecal matter contained within the diaper so the pool water does not become contaminated.

             Swim diapers are available for purchase here at the swim school for $10 apiece. Most parents buy just one. Price includes tax. Purchases are made on the honor system. Place money in an envelope, fill out the info requested, and drop it into the payments box. If you choose to buy a swim diaper from a store, make sure that the leg elastic is tight around your child's thighs.

3. For energy's sake your child should have something to eat each morning before her lesson.Breakfast should not include any animal products (milk, meats). Good choices are dry cereal, pancakes, juice, and fruits. For afternoon/evening lessons, this applies for the last meal your child has before her lesson; no animal products.

Your child should not have anything to eat the hour and a half prior to her lesson.

4. A student who's had diarrhea must wait 24 hours before resuming lessons.

5. Each child will need two large towels--one to lie on and one for drying.

6. Please check with your child to see if she needs to use the rest room before her lesson begins. No one gets out of the water during her lesson to potty.

During the Lesson

            Lessons are conducted one-on-one with the instructor, with the parent observing from the pool deck. For one lesson you'll be invited to join us in the pool. You'll be asked a day or two in advance, for that lesson.

            When observing from the pool deck, parents and guests are asked to stay in the chairs area rather than hovering at the pool's edge. This minimizes distractions, and assists with your child's concentration.

            Both during the lesson and at your time away from DBSS with your child, it's imperative that you have a positive attitude. I cannot stress this enough. Telling the child "It'll be over soon" and similar statements don't encourage his progress, and add to any anxiety he may be feeling. Instead, phrases such as "You did so good today getting Miss Nancy's hand!" and "I am so proud of you! I can't wait for Grandma to come watch you swim!" and "We're going to call Daddy as soon as we get in the car, to tell him how awesome your float was today!" encourages him that he CAN achieve the skills, and that he WANTS to do that for you.

As The Weeks Progress...

            Beginning lessons typically take six weeks for children to complete. Children who have been on floaties usually take a little longer.

            After children have completed their beginning lessons they continue coming twice a week the next week, then once weekly for two additional weeks, so they're not stopping abruptly, going from four days a week to nothing. This allows you to bring to the staff's attention any questions you've encountered at home so we can give you pointers, as well as allowing us to tighten up any trouble spots that might be creeping in. After that, we offer maintenance lessons on the first and third Monday of every month, year 'round.

            We strongly encourage parents to continue bringing their children to me a minimum of once a month to maintain their skills. While muscle memory plays a big role in what your child is learning, retention is not 100%. If it were, our athletes wouldn't have to attend spring training after having won the championship the previous season. If your child falls into water during the winter, you want the assurance that his skills are still sharp.

      The exception to this are students ages three years and older who move immediately into our stroke program. Those lessons are semi-private (or private), and are held once a week.

Additional Points

             1.  Plan to observe a lesson before registering your child. Other than at the start of each new swim season in mid-April, we require that people come to observe first. This way it will not come as a surprise that my students

            a. spend time with their faces in the water,

            b. burp throughout the lesson, and food might come up along with the swallowed air, and

            c. cry, because until now the Pool = Fun, and now Pool = Work.

            This visit is also a great time to get any questions answered, and you'll have an opportunity to chat with other parents about the program.             

            2.  When you arrive, feel free to park in our driveway if there's room.

            3.  No sunscreen lotions or oils on your child before her lesson. It makes her slippery and hard to grasp in the water. After that ten minutes you are welcome to apply lotion.

            4.  Please take your used diapers home with you for disposal. Otherwise, we end up with roughly 90 diapers in the trash cans in MY garage, waiting for trash day. Eww! Thank you for understanding.

            5.  Please keep shoes on your toddler when he's not in the water. The pool deck can get very hot.

            6.  No smoking on the pool deck or in the yard.

 A child never becomes "drown proof." ALWAYS supervise your child around the water. 

            So there you have it! Feel free to contact me with further questions and to schedule your children's lessons. We at Dolphin Babies Swim School are here to serve you and your family.

            Welcome aboard!