Dolphin Babies Swim School

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      13th self-save:  Hank Melka     age 4 years       January 2016

      14th self-save:  Ayva Bogh       age 2 years         ​March 2016

      15th self-save: Cooper WIlder  age 16 months   April   2016

      16th self-save:  Hank Melka      age 5 years           June 2016

      17th self-save:  Emma Wallace  age 3 years       March 2017

      18th self-save:  Emersyn Davis   age 23 months   April 2017

       19th self-save: Wolf Rosenberg  age 3 years        April 2017

Gabriel saved himself from drowning in his parents' master bathroom garden jacuzzi bathtub. EVERYONE has a bathtub.

Kayla saved herself in her family's spa. Dad was on the pool deck at the time and didn't see her get into the spa.

Van fell into a pool right next to an adult who didn't hear a thing when he fell in.

So did Jon (Self-save #10 in the list to the right).

Gracie and Bailey are sisters who were running around the pool. In November. When they fell in, Gracie swam to the steps, climbed out, and yelled for their mom to come and get Bailey, 13 months, who was doing her life-saving float in the middle of the pool.

11th self-save: Gracie Young      age 3 years           Nov. 2013

12th self-save:  Bailey Young      age 13 months      Nov. 2013